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Kudos to . . .

from the Manchester, England, Evening News

At an assembly of 13-year-olds at St Matthew's High School in Moston, Manchester, England, a teacher told students an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth. The stunned children were told they would be able to leave school early to say their "final farewells" to family members.

"Unfortunately a small number of pupils took the story literally," says Headteacher Kevin Hogan. The end-of-the-world threat was meant as a lesson for students to "live each day to the full."

When it became apparent that some of the children were crying, "the head of the school visited every 9th grade class and again told students that the story was untrue and made every effort to ensure that those students who had been anxious were reassured."

...Right. Everyone knows doomsday could only come after finals.

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