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School Invention

Our invention helps solve the problem of deforestation. Our machine plants bigger, better trees with ease! This machine attaches to a tree stump remover and can be used after you cut a tree. So when whole forests are cut of their trees, this machine can be used to automatically replant them for the future.

The machine comes preprogrammed to create a variety of trees through genetic engineering. By choosing the proper options indicated by buttons on the machine, you could create your own tree that will be stronger, live longer, grow to be wider in diameter to produce more wood, or be resistant to pests.

Inside the machine are chemicals and seeds that are altered to your specifications at the time of planting. The machine will come in various sizes for commercial and personal uses. Instructions and seeds are included. Additional seeds and chemicals also sold separately.

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Created by young inventors Robbie Macklin, Krystal Elliott, Maggie O'Neal, Kelly Dukes, David Fooks, Sara Phillips, Carol Weber, Patrick Pugh, Casey Christophel

Laurel Middle School – Contact teacher: Regina Royer

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