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Humor, education, school, kids: What's so funny about school and learning? Here you will find articles and research concerning how we all learned A and B, but maybe not C. Read on for some fun and a unique trip down the life-long learning lane.

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turkey factsTurkey Trivia: Should We Be Grateful?
by Marjorie Dorfman

How did the turkey come to be the Thanksgiving bird and who were some of the other contenders? What is the Turkey Trot and how come turkeys don’t do it? These and other "fowl" questions will be addressed. Be prepared as there may be a quiz.

candy cane christmasHoliday Candies and Treats: So Many Traditions
by Marjorie Dorfman

What is the real story behind the candy cane? How many different sweets are associated with the holiday season? Read on, whether you are sweet or not.

The Second Amendment and The Double Edge of Freedom

The right to bear arms is a constitutional option all Americans share. A few citizens insist that it interferes with any maniac's demonic prerogative to spray bullets anywhere he or she chooses.

We are all proud of the heritage our ancestors died to protect and the freedoms we all hold so dearly, but perhaps what is right with America is also what is wrong with it: namely freedom and specifically, its misuse.

The freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater and the freedom to bear arms does not mean your run-of-the-mill lunatic has the right to “bear arms” and murder our teachers and children in cold blood.

Legislative changes could mollify both sides of this bloody picture. One gun to protect house and home per family instead of no limits, and if you want a second gun, you must relinquish the one you have before you can buy another. And NO ASSAULT WEAPONS EVER! Even if these ideas don't work, surely there are many others that are there just for the thinking.

The right to protect property should be respected, but this does not give the NRA the prerogative to continue to block honest legislation meant to protect the lives of others and to blindly and stubbornly insist that school shootings represent “knee-jerk reactions” and that gun legislation violates constitutional rights.

If personal rights are the ultimate issue, what then about the rights of our innocent children to live and grow up and the rights of our educators to return home to their families?

Sometimes rights are just plain wrong.

senior at collegeSenior Citizens Returning To College: Is This the Real Fountain of Youth?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Where is the fountain of youth Ponce De Leon spent so much time looking for? Probably right in front of his eyes, if keeping one’s mind active can be considered a component of remaining vital and alert. Read on for some thoughts, whether you are alert or not.

stars moon planetWhy Do Stars Shine?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why do stars shine and what are they made of? Do they have anything to do with dead celebrities or are there scientific reasons for their existence? Read on for more information, but no gossip.

lightning and thunderLightning And Thunder: What Are They and What Do They…Want?
by Marjorie Dorfman

Why does lightning occur? What is its relationship to thunder and what are they both up to? Read on for some electrifying details.

cloudsClouds and Some Things You May Want To Know About Them
by Marjorie Dorfman

What are the different kinds of clouds and what do they mean? Learn more about some of the more interesting formations of the earth's wondrous skyscape.

In the Snooze, amusing news funny kids news from around the world.

from the Manchester, England, Evening News

At an assembly of 13-year-olds at St Matthew's High School in Moston, Manchester, England, a teacher told students an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth. The stunned children were told they would be able to leave school early to say their "final farewells" to family members.

"Unfortunately a small number of pupils took the story literally," says Headteacher Kevin Hogan. The end-of-the-world threat was meant as a lesson for students to "live each day to the full."

When it became apparent that some of the children were crying, "the head of the school visited every 9th grade class and again told students that the story was untrue and made every effort to ensure that those students who had been anxious were reassured."

...Right. Everyone knows doomsday could only come after finals.

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